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Nail art is a friend of both beauty and fashion. And summer always opens the doors to bold and bright colors, which makes it a perfect time to experiment with different nail colors and leave your comfort zone. They may be a small part, but your nails are important to your overall look. If you’re someone that follows trends and always tries out new things, you want to make sure you’re up to date with the latest nail trends as well!

Having your nails done offers instant pick-me-up. And with these nail designs, you can express your sense of style effectively. Both acrylic and natural nails can be fun to work with. There are so many amazing nail salons nearby offering us some serious nail inspiration. Just one scroll through Instagram and we are saving a ton of bejeweled, multi-colors, stamps, and negative space nail designs. And the colors! Today there are so many nail shades available. It is only up to your creativity what you will do. Many nail art looks you can achieve at home if you are equipped with patience. But, of course, booking an appointment with your go-to nail salon in Westmount is always the best choice.

Here’s all you need to know about the perfect summer manicures and nail polish colors. All of the nail designs below are popular with our clients who come to Cahya Nails - A nail studio in Westmount, London, Ontario.

Powerful Stripes

Many associate summer fashion with stripes: This summer the best are multi-color stripes. They look irresistible on the nails even when you use transparent polish as a base.

All Aboard

Nothing evokes a more summery feel than the nautical theme. There are endless possibilities of how it can look depending on the colors used, the shape of the nail, and your imagination, from playful to almost royal feel to it. There are plenty of symbols to work with, and the colors can go from all shades of blue to beiges, red, and even gold. It makes the perfect nail art for going on a vacation.


A dotting tool makes the novice nail artist look like a professional and can be used to dress up your tips with hundreds of different dot patterns. Get yours and meditate by creating and looking at bokeh or mandala-inspired patterns.  Playing with dots is the ideal nail art for short nails as well.

Holographic Nails

The unicorn trend doesn’t go away. And one of the best applications of this trend is getting holographic nails. Get your shiny transfer foils or holographic powder and reflect the summer vibe!

You don’t have to paint them all

For those who think that nail art is over the top, don’t worry. You can still incorporate this trend and make a statement without getting all the spotlight on your nails. And it also works great with any outfit. For instance, tell your nail tech to choose one or two fingers on each hand to paint, or simply putting on a simple clear polish would suffice. These methods can help women get the best of both worlds while still looking cool and trendy.

Stiletto Nails

Want to grab a lot of attention? Consider getting yourself the pointed nail. These nail applications are all about getting noticed. Unlike short or rounded-tipped nails, this nail shape gives off that evil, villainous vibe and, at the same time, gives off that high-fashion feel.

Gold Foil

What is more decadent than gold? Give your nails a subtle luxurious vibe with the gold foil. They are perfect for a night out, or just for hanging by the pool with your favorite cocktail. The gold foil manicure is also the best pick for autumn.

Acrylic Full Set vs. Natural Nail Art

It seems as though this summer the popular nail trend is natural nails with vibrant colored polishes. Most girls in our nail salon in Westmount, London, Ontario are staying away from the acrylic full set this summer, as they want to have a more beachy-natural vibe. But if you’re devoted to your acrylic nails, that’s okay! Check out some of these awesome polishes that will make any type of nail fit the current trends.

Summer Nail Polish Colors

There are some seriously gorgeous colors trending this summer. Some of the most popular include: neon coral, sunset orange, rose gold, canary yellow, iced pistachio, crystal blue, electric pink, and weathered stone. Each of these nail colors creates its own unique manicure look. Whether you’re going out for the night or having a weekend getaway with friends, one of these nail shades is sure to be the perfect fit!
Nail design | Cahya nails salon in Westmount, London, Ontario, Canada
Nail design | Cahya nails salon in Westmount, London, Ontario, Canada
Nail design | Cahya nails salon in Westmount, London, Ontario, Canada
Nail design | Cahya nails salon in Westmount, London, Ontario, Canada